Book as an art form; your personal from paper made sculpture for the ages?
Why not, if you add the right details to support the idea.

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Term used for books which were at that time sold in the form of flat, printed, unfolded sheets that were yet to be taken to the bookbinder for finishing and binding of choice.


EMBOSSED printing invented by Louis Braille.


In the 1880s, Ernst Oeser, a master bookbinder in Berlin, Germany is credited as a pioneer in the development of HOT-STAMPING FOILS.


DIE-CUTTING machines coming from the shoemaking industry become sophisticated enough to cut through just one layer of paper or laminate. They can now be used on labels, stamps and paper or board in general. For labels “kiss cutting” becomes a standard.


First introduced in the 1930s, FOIL LAMINATION quickly became the primary choice for repairing and strengthening papers on a large scale.


In the early 1970s, LASER TECHNOLOGY was put into production to cut titanium for aerospace applications. At the same time through absorption CO2 lasers were adapted to cut non-metals, such as textiles, paper, wood, plastics, even wax.



Term is pulled out of the archives to be used again, now tailored for the 21st century.